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Football parents walk a line between passion for the game and concern about injury.  We are proud to be working toward alleviating a big part of the tension on the “fear-of-injury” side of the line.  In fact, we’re certain we can help get your athlete on the field.

Safety technology has changed.

Game safety is a system.  Proper gear, coaching, technique and confidence work together to keep the game clock running.  A critical part of the system, safety gear has one glaring omission: slowing down the head after impact.  Current safety research and investment revolve around this dilemma.  Helmets and shoulder pads have long been the only weapon in this fight, and the conclusion is clear: it’s not enough.

Introducing: the next major evolution in football safety

Kato Collar fits discretely in the shoulder pads, and is both lightweight and durable.  It has been biomechanically tested to decrease the speed of the helmet after impact by up to 30%.  If the helmet slows down, the head slows down — and that means the brain slows down.  (CLICK HERE TO SEE IT IN ACTION) Keeping the brain from a violent collision inside the skull is an obvious value, but unless your athlete can have full range of motion — ensuring the player can perform at an optimum level  — the value is lost.  If it hinders play, it will stay inside the locker.  This is why Kato Collar is designed to give  full active range of motion for every player, every position, every practice, every game, and every level.

Using Kato Collar

Kato Collar is easy to install.  There are two sizes of collar and two thickness of deceleration pads to ensure full range of motion during play while still cradling the helmet upon impact.  The pads can be detached for proper fitting and easy cleaning, but in essence, Kato Collar becomes part of the should pads — once it is in position, you don’t have to think about it again.

The first thing your athlete will notice is that they’ll quickly not notice it.  Legacy collars — designed to battle chronic neck issues and block players from moving — are nothing like Kato Collar.  Thanks to its innovative design, Kato Collar can be worn by PLAYERS IN EVERY POSITION.  Much like all gear, once your athlete wears it for a while, it becomes comfortable and familiar.

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Our team is here to help.  We would love to discuss options with your coach, athletic director, or booster club.  Let’s work together to keep this great game safe and your athlete focused on making the next play.