Deceleration Pads / 15 Pack


We’ve designed our deceleration pads to fit in any size of the collar. Pads are available in two colors and two sizes, offering the best comfort and protection for athletes.

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  • Deceleration pads designed to slow down the head after impact
  • Replaceable pads available in two sizes and two colors
  • All sizes designed to fit in Medium and Large collars
  • Pads sold in packs of 15

We want to ensure comfort and the best protection possible, hence why we are offering two sizes of deceleration pads. Deceleration pads come in thicknesses of 1” and ½”, allowing for proper fit of varying neck lengths. There should be clearance between the helmet and the pads to allow full active range of motion.

Please include a copy of the original authorized dealer receipt to verify the product is within the warranty period. A registered product will also serve as proof of purchase. Repair or advanced replacement is at our discretion. Warranty is null and void if there is evidence of any material structural changes, customization or alterations to the collar, any improper use or abuse, any application of non-removable items. All returns require prior authorization from Guardian Athletics Customer Service staff and a return merchandise authorization number (RMA). Credit or exchange will not be issued without an RMA.

To assist us with your warranty we ask that you register your collar(s) at the time of purchase. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for support.