Menasha Partnership

It is gratifying to see parents and coaches and players take safety seriously.  We recently traveled to Menasha Wisconsin to chat with coaches and players about Kato Collar.  Menasha is one of our Head Health Heroes.

Equipped with new helmets, soft caps in practice, careful training plans, Certified Athletic Trainers on the sideline, and Kato Collar, Menasha is doing the right thing for the safety of their players.  There are 35 players wearing Kato Collar in their program as they have chosen to help us study and improve our technology while keeping kids on the field.

Coach Korth understands that players suffer when they are sidelined with brain injuries.  He also understands that there is no silver bullet to solve this issue that crosses all levels of football and all positions.  However, he does understand that, with the support of the football community, they can offer all of the technology available.

We understand that funds are a factor, we understand that misconceptions about how concussions can occur is a factor, and we understand that many people want to ignore the risks and hope for the best.  The good news is that we are here to help guide and lead.

Contact us any time to discuss our Head Health Hero program, discuss what is going on in Menasha, talk about your program, or just chat about football.

We want to let them play!