Guardian Athletics is dedicated to keeping our great game of football vibrant though better safety.  A well protected athlete plays with confidence and stays on the field.  We are on the verge of great things and want you to be part of our future.

Our goal is to have Kato Collar be the next piece of mandatory technology on the football field.  Our patented Kato Collar addresses a huge gap in player safety, the rapid acceleration and abrupt deceleration of the head.  Current gear is great, we taking it to the next level.


We have partnered with Netcapital as an investment platform to further out mission.  Not all football fanatics have a huge investment budget and that is just fine.   Click on this link and see how your passion for the game can make an impact on the field.   Join Rich Gannon, NFL veteran and broadcast analyst, and others in being part of our story.

There is a ton of information on the other side of the link but if you need more detail, please reach out.  We are football fans just like you.