Calling All Fans

We Love Football. Here at Guardian Athletics, we’ve always championed  the game, and worked passionately on behalf of a safer game.  Like many businesses around the world, we had to step back last year and let the game survive as coaches and teams were trying to simply stay afloat, stay relevant, and keep their players healthy.

And now…with great optimism, we are back!  It’s time to continue the journey and bring greater brain-safety to the  game.

We believe and the science indicates that Kato Collar decelerates the helmet, head, and brain after impact.  We believe this technology should and will be the next big breakthrough in football.  We believe that soon we will be viewed no differently than the helmet or shoulder pads.  But we need your help.

Like so many others, Guardian Athletics took a serious blow to our momentum and finances last year. To jumpstart the reset, we partnered with Net Capital to offer affordable equity investments in our company.  This raise will get us off the sideline and into the game. Check out our offering; be part of the brain-safety solution and be an owner with us. This is not a donation or go fund me style raise.  This is equity in Guardian Athletics.

We humbly ask you to consider helping us. Together, we can make this great game even better by allowing athletes to play with the confidence that comes with playing all out.  Help keep the Friday night lights burning brightly; help athletes perform on a blustery Saturday; keep Sunday in front of the TV optimistic.

As always, feel free to contact us to chat about this offering, the science behind our solution, or even about your child’s game.