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Guardian Athletics is proud to amongst some of the sharpest minds in sports medicine.

We are excited to show you another option for the athletes you deal with every day.

Guardian Athletics 2019 Season Announcements Kato Collar

This conference is full of people who truly understand the serious nature of concussions and sincerely want to help, that is where we come in!  There is currently a gap in the way we protect young football players, rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head is largely ignored. Our flagship product, Kato Collar is designed to slow the head down after impact, any impact.  By doing this we pick up where legacy gear leaves off.  Athlete safety is the name of the game and Kato Collar, partnered with proper technique, education, and proper fitting gear are all part of the safety system.

Jeff Chambers, founder of Guardian Athletics and a certified athletic trainer for over 40 years has been in the trenches and has seen it first hand.  He presentation will cover the mechanics of the way the brain moves from impact and lay the foundation to facilitate change.  However, there change comes after this conference.  What do we do next?  We and to help get the word out but we cannot do it on our own.

We would like to make you and offer you cannot refuse… A Free Kato Collar

There is only one string attached, you have to chat with us.  While we are a for profit company, we don’t succeed by selling Kato Collar.  We succeed when the safety gap is understood and filled.  This is why we want to have a real conversation.

Here are the import things:

We are a small scrappy start up.  We understand that we grow by helping solve a problem and we are looking for help.

Click here to request your free collar and set up a time for a no pressure, no sales conversation.  Honestly, you won’t get spam, endless offers, or any annoying things like that.  You will get a conversation with Jeff, just Jeff live and in person.

Enjoy the conference

Jeff Chambers MA, ATC, LAT

507-384-8229 (cell)