Affiliate Program

Guardian Athletics wants you!

We are looking for affiliates to help promote a safer game, teach the value of prevention, support local football, and even make some money.

Program 1 – Sales

This is for the hustler, the athlete, the business minded person who knows and loves football and would like to monetize it.  This program is simple, we get to know each other, decide if it is a fit, and set up a plan for you.  You are required to take a short, 10 minute training session to ensure compliance and a simple quiz to ensure you are telling the right story.  We then work on getting you a sample, a promo code, printed materials, a web landing page, and your support plan to ensure success.

Program 2 – Fundraising

This is for the school official, parent, or fan that wants to make sure safety hits home.  We will work with you to customize a plan the allows money to flow into your booster program or youth program.  We create a system similar to the sales promotion and work to add value to your passion.  This can be anything from having us speak at the preseason parent meeting to getting a clinic study set up for your team.  We can point a percentage of proceeds to wherever it makes the biggest impact.

The best thing about these programs is they are simple.  We have the templates and resources, you have the contacts.  We simply bring those two things together!

Contact us via THIS LINK to start the discussion.

Remember – a safer player is a confident player.  Let’s build that confidence into playing time,  a scholarship, a state title, or even greater joy for this great game.