It’s Time For Some Football!


Football is a great game and great players always seem to captivate us.  James Skalski is one of those players for sure.  We love big hits, winners, and passion but there is always more.  We have gotten to know James and we are amazed at his character and the way he articulates that character and we are proud to partner with him and excited for our great game.

We first noticed a linebacker in orange wearing one of our very first collars ever shipped.  His athletic trainer, Danny Poole, ordered it to help with a burner stinger issue  (By the way, we are the best product on the market for that situation).  Our mood quickly went from “cool, there we are on TV” to “holy smokes” that guy is crushing people.  Since that first game we have watched every Saturday and even some January games where number 47 is all over the field.

The product he is wearing is called Kato Collar.  It is the first collar to decelerate the head AFTER impact, any impact, not just helmet-to-helmet contact.  Research shows that injuries occur due to rapid acceleration and deceleration of the head and brain.  Much like a passenger in a car, your brain bounces around inside the skull after impact.  Much like a seatbelt or airbag we slow the head down thereby slowing down the brain.  It is something you need in addition to a helmet.  The bonus to our technology is the way it crushes burner stinger injuries by keeping the head from moving to the extreme.

The other critical point is FULL ACTIVE RANGE OF MOTION.  Traditional collars block the helmet, keeping the head from moving.  That concept is great unless you need to move your head to drop a running back catching a pass on the flat during the national championship game.  Kato Collar is lightweight and stays out of the way until it is needed, then it absorbs the movement of the helmet giving players like James the confidence to play at full speed knowing we are taking care of him.

Click on our home page and navigate around.  Our “From the Field” section is full of information on how we work and what our young start-up is doing.  Feel free to click to “Contact Us” section to get your questions answered, or click order now.  Here is the great part, we have a cool Skalksi Promotion.  Simply type the number 47 in the coupon section and you will get free shipping and $25.00 off your order.  It pays to know people.  We will also be announcing some fun contests tied to that promo code soon so stay tuned.

This is going to be a great year.  Join us as we help keep Friday Night Lights blazing, make Saturday tailgates more fun, and keep your favorite players on the field every Sunday.