The Kato Collar and Truth About Concussions

Jeff Chambers Guardian Athletics

Jeff Chambers – Founder, ATC

My name is Jeff Chambers and I have been a Certified Athletic Trainer for approximately 40 years. I provided health care to student athletes for 35 of those 40 years.

Except for the interruption of CoVid, sport-related concussion (SRC) has been the most researched injury over the past 10 to 12 years, receiving significant attention from the media. Millions of dollars have been spent on SRC during the same 10 -12 years. The NFL alone has allocated close to $20 million in concussion research and in awards toward the prevention of SRC (1).

As a Certified Athletic Trainer, I evaluated and cared for student athletes with this injury throughout my career.  As a result, I have been studying the mechanism of injury (MOI) and causes of SRC for the last 12 years and the burner/stinger injury for over 20 years. Throughout my experiences, many questions regarding SRC arose that I wanted answered so I began my own research. But after sifting through countless journals and articles, the answers I was seeking could not be found.

However, I discovered that everything we believe about how SRC occurs is all based on theory. And what we are led to believe about the causes of SRC is not the whole truth. In my following posts I am going to address the questions and topics below based on my review of the literature, research about prevention of SRC, and my extensive experience with SRC:

  • What is the narrative we have been led to believe about prevention of SRC?
    • How was it created?
    • Who created it?
  • Does the brain bounce? Does the brain float? What does it do?
  • Do helmets prevent concussions? When? Where? How? 
  • Does neck strengthening prevent SRC?
    • Can helmets become culpable in SRC?
  • Does corporate business really care about our youth playing football?
  • Are there other ways to prevent SRC?
  • What new technology is available to prevent SRC?
  • What is the  technology is needed to protect our youth?