News: Rich Gannon Partnership

We’re excited to announce Rich Gannon, former NFL quarterback and CBS Sports game analyst has joined our advisory board.

“Football has been a big part of my life and I’ve been fortunate to be associated with the NFL for over 30 years.”, says Gannon. “Unfortunately, injuries are a big part of our game and that’s why the safety element to me is absolutely critical. I’m excited to partner with Guardian Athletics and the Kato Collar because I believe this is a piece of equipment that can help players at any level. The design & technology behind the collar is proven to help reduce the forces that are believed to cause concussions, helping to keep players safer on the field. We’re excited to see it in action this season.”

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Announcing GA’s Opening Drive

Over the past months, we’ve started shipping our first 1000 collars to schools across the country. These schools are part of a movement in football: Innovation just isn’t moving fast enough and players and coaches are ready to take action.

We are excited to hear what the football community has to say about Kato Collar. And we’re also excited to see it appearing on national TV (keep your eyes peeled, maybe you will, too!) as players wear the collar during games. As we’ve launched, the feedback has been incredibly positive and we’re also learning more about how to keep pushing future innovations. 

Each of you is crucial to the continuing development of our product line. And together, we’ll keep our players safer from burner/stingers and the risks of concussions.

These first 1000 collars are available at a discounted price of $199 with free shipping. Check ’em out over at the store or give us a call. 

To read what people are saying, check out some of our testimonials here.

And also; don’t hesitate to connect with us for comments or questions!