Let Them Play

We’re Guardian Athletics, an innovation-driven company built around the belief that there’s a better way to help protect football players from injuries such as burners, stingers, and concussions on the field.


Kato Collar is like nothing else on the market today: We’ve proven that we can slow down the head after impact by up to 30% and our field testers said that their burner/stingers were eliminated while wearing our collar. Unlike other collars, they also enjoyed full range of motion for the head and neck.

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Our Approach

One airbag won’t save your life in a car crash, just like a helmet alone won’t prevent an injury. Kato Collar is a part of a system that works towards optimal protection. Through gear, training, and innovative products, we build confidence in the game and start to prevent head and neck injuries.

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While still too heavy, helmets protect the skull and are crucial in the protection of a player. The collar works in conjunction to improve protection.

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There are programs, such as Head’s Up, that educate players on a safer way to tackle. When the collar is integrated, these training practices solidify player safety.

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Rapid acceleration and deceleration of the skull is a real threat to player safety, and why we invented the collar. We work hard to be an educational source for the football community.

How it works

When a player is hit, the brain moves within the skull. After the initial strike, the brain bounces against the skull and this can lead to a concussion. Decelerating the brain is crucial to help protect the player’s brain. Current equipment, like a helmet, doesn’t address that. Our unique design decelerates the head after impact by up to 30% and reduces the forces that are believed to cause concussions.

Unobtrusive Design

We call it full Active Range of Motion, or AROM. Traditional collars provide some level of protection, but function mostly by prohibiting motion. If a player can’t move, they can’t play their best in the game, and simply won’t wear it regardless of how well it works. Kato Collar does not inhibit a player’s motions and keep the head from reaching those extreme points where injuries occur after an impact of any kind.

Discreet & Effective

Players are more confident because Kato Collar keeps the head from reaching those extreme points where injuries occur after an impact of any kind, not just a blow to the head. They second-guessed their plays less and could focus on technique, not bulky gear that prevented them from moving freely. Plus, we designed the collar to be as discreet as possible while still providing needed protection. The design integrates seamlessly with existing equipment, it barely appears that extra equipment is being worn.