Guardian Athletics is an innovation-driven company that believes brain protection goes beyond the helmet.

Helmets protect heads. KATO COLLAR protects brains!



Patented. Proven Effective. On the Pads of NFL Players.

Kato Collar decelerates the head after an impact while allowing full range of movement for the head and neck. Because of our design, the head doesn’t reach extreme points where injuries occur, such as burners and stingers. Movement of the brain can lead to stretching, strain, and bruising; many times leading to a concussion.

We are bio-mechanically tested and proven to slow down the head after impact by up to 30%, reducing the forces and mechanisms that are believed to cause concussions.

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As an underclassman playing at the varsity level, I encountered numerous substantial blows to my head and neck that resulted in many concussion-like symptoms. I was introduced to this collar and not encountered any sort of head injury since. While being so small and comfortable I can wear the collar day in and day out with ease. It’s been a game-changer”

Wyatt Simon, Player

Brady had begun experiencing stingers and I could see them affecting him after plays. It fit into the shoulder pads very well and didn’t restrict his needed range of motion. The stingers were reduced by 80% and the concussion protection was a great confidence builder as well.

Andy Black, Parent

Since being involved with our program as parents, contributors, and a coach we’ve seen the ups and downs in this game that we all love. Our son’s football tenure has been exciting up until Conor had a concussion in the 7th grade. After two years of wearing the collar, Conor hasn’t shown any signs of having another concussion.

Andy & Carina Dickens, Parents

Our Approach

One airbag won’t save your life in a car crash, just like a helmet alone won’t prevent an injury. Kato Collar is a part of a system that works towards optimal protection. Through gear, training, and innovative products, we build confidence in the game and start to prevent head and neck injuries.

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While still too heavy, helmets protect the skull and are crucial in the protection of a player. The collar works in conjunction to improve protection.

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There are programs, such as Head’s Up, that educate players on a safer way to tackle. When the collar is integrated, these training practices solidify player safety.

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Rapid acceleration and deceleration of the skull is a real threat to player safety, and why we invented the collar. We work hard to be an educational source for the football community.

Our Team

Football is in our DNA. After years of research, prototyping, and development we’ve launched a product like none other. Our team works to create confidence with the football community to help players at all level of play, inspiring the next generation of athletes.

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